EMK Clothing

Tucked into the heart of West Broadway, just down the road from my favourite cup of coffee and the only vegan burger I can confidently recommend is EMK Clothing. Inside, you can find owner Erin designing and sewing her own line that she sells in her boutique and across Canada. It was an easy choice for me to take on the role of Social Media Manager for the shop - I believe in Erin's goal of hand-making unique and flattering clothing for all body types, and I want to tell people about it.

It was fun to come up with a social media strategy for EMK Clothing - to figure out what makes Erin's work special, and how to get that message across in a way that lines up with the in-store experience. Growing small businesses and giving them a voice may be my favourite challenge, and the new customers and press features that have been popping up for EMK Clothing is a great reward.

Location: EMK Clothing

Artwork: Synonym Art Consultation


Thom Bargen x From Here And Away

Thom Bargen Coffee + Tea is opening their second Winnipeg location this week. To spark excitement, From Here And Away hosted a pre-opening day event: anyone with a camera (including a phone camera) was welcome to come by for a free coffee in trade for sharing a photo of the new space on social media. Pretty fair trade, as the coffee shop is so beautiful it's hard to stop taking photos. Here are a few I grabbed that morning!

Location: Thom Bargen (Kennedy)

Host: From Here And Away