Kristen Aleida Art

I got to spend my Thursday morning photographing Kristen Aleida while she created her very recognizable whimsical artwork. It was a dreamy setup (plants, big windows, beautiful art, fat snowflakes falling outside), and her personality and attitude toward life were the icing on the cake. I felt refreshed on my drive home and more than excited to flip through the photos we'd taken. Here are a few of my favourites.

Artist: Kristen Aleida

Find her work here: Kristen Aleida Art | Etsy

Tony Chestnut

I had the gigantic honour of photographing Jill, creator behind Winnipeg's Tony Chestnut, in her element. I spent an afternoon in her studio capturing the essence of her workspace, the process of making a Tony Chestnut garment, and the finished pieces of clothing themselves (modelled by none other than Jill and her repertoire of spunky poses). It was fun to watch her clothing come to life on the person who imagined them up, and to give my camera free reign in such a beautiful space. Here are a few of my favourites.

(you can also follow her on Instagram to see these photos alongside her flawless fall/winter photo shoot done by Meg Kroeker)